My 15 Minutes of Fame, Fortume, and Mishap

This blog will be a depiction of my day to day life as a college student, undergoing my goal of losing 21 pounds by my 21st Birthday (t-Minus 2 months)

Day 3 

As I encroach upon day 3 of my 1400 calorie diet, I am getting over those humps of feeling the emptyness in my stomach. But I have been using this anabolic cooking book, that although the desserts are nasty, the chicken is recipes I have made so far are delicious! I highly reccomend them to everyone! 

I am really trying to workout but it’s so boring! so i am switching up my cardio. My weekly weight check in will be on Sunday!

The Beginning

So, this blog really isn’t for anybody but myself. I don’t care about followers or anything else, I just care about progress. Let me explain my goals here: I am to lose 21 pounds by my 21st Birthday (2 months) I am using an anabolic recipe book for dinners and some lunches, and wil be documenting my progress!